Awakeness and Community

Who We Are and What We Share

We are an open spiritual community dedicated to the awakening of all beings.  We honor the central tenant that is present in every nondual wisdom tradition – that an abiding sense of peace, love, and joy can be found, deep within, by clearing the mind and opening the heart.

This direct, immediate, and intimate realization is expressed in the teachings of the Gnostics and Christian mystics. It was the primary instruction of the Buddha and remains encapsulated in Zen and many other Buddhist sects. It is the central theme of Advaita Vedanta and repeated over and over again in the Vedas, Upanishads, and Gitas. It is the state of perfect union spoken of by enlightened Gurus and Yogis, the essence of loving surrender that forms the basis for all Sufi writings, and the mysterious nature of the Tao which ultimately reveals itself as the effortless way. 

It is the hidden gem buried deeply in the heart of all ancient wisdom traditions; a timeless invitation into a reality that exists just beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend.  It is what awakens to itself when grace calls it forth as the wholeness, fullness, and completeness of our natural state, of unconditioned awareness, of pure being…

 Attend Group Sessions

We host Satsang sessions, Dharma talks, dialectic encounters, meditations, workshops, symposiums, and a variety of other group opportunities to engage in non-dual study, inquiry, and practice.


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Get Personalized Guidance

Our teachers live in service to the awakening of all beings and are available for personal meetings and discussions to help resolve questions, clarify key issues, and offer their awakened guidance.


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Join Our Community

As we come together in joint exploration and celebration of the spiritual awakening process, we invite those who share our passion for the Truth to join us in ongoing friendship and fellowship.


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Meet Our Teachers

Bradley Bemis is a Florida-based spiritual author, speaker and guide on the subjects of non-duality, Self-realization, and the embodiment of awakening.  (learn more)

Bradley Bemis

Founding Teacher

Lisa Maynard was a life-long spiritual seeker who’s breadth and depth of experience across several modalities culminated in the deep awakening that she now shares from.  (learn more)

Lisa Maynard

Founding Teacher