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An Open Spiritual Community Dedicated to the Awakening of all Beings

The Smiling Moon Sangha was established in 2018 as an Orlando-based (and Online) community of seekers, meditators, practitioners, healers, teachers, and others who dwell in non-dual awareness or find themselves drawn to non-dual forms of exploration and expression.     

‘Smiling Moon’ is an homage to the timeless reminder that “all spiritual teachings are but a finger pointing at the moon”.  Likewise, when the fullness of realization begins to dawn within the direct experience of a student, it is not uncommon for there to be a tremendous burst of laughter – and so “the moon is always smiling”.

The term ‘Sangha’ is a Buddhist term denoting ‘community’, but this is not a Buddhist group.  It embraces the sacred expression of all nondual modalities; including Gnosticism (Christianity), Zen and Dzogchen (Buddhism), Advaita Vedanta (Hinduism), Sufism (Islam), Kabbalah (Judaism), Yoga (Jnana), Taoism, Sikhism, and several other lesser known contemplative wisdom traditions; combined with ongoing research into the modern-day fields of neuroscience, transpersonal and experimental social psychology, linguistic anthropology, and more.



About Bradley

“All answers are found in simplicity. ‘Just be – this is the essence of simplicity expressing itself. So I teach by being and I teach by teaching being.”

Bradley Bemis is a Florida-based spiritual author, speaker and guide on the subjects of non-duality, Self-realization, and the embodiment of awakening.  His own teaching approach ‘The Inner Science of Self-Realization’ is a harmonizing framework that draws from a variety of disciplines to help guide spiritual seekers toward their own direct, immediate, and intimate experience of the Self.  

He has been a teacher of non-dual Self-realization since his own profound spiritual awakening in October of 2014 and is currently a graduate student in the Master of Science, Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Walden University.  Bradley is also engaged in the Inner Presence Coaching program offered by Jerry Donoghue; based on the work of Dr. Peter Fenner. 

Bradley is an active member of the American Counseling Association, the Center for Non-dual Awareness, and the Science and Non-duality Conference.   He established the ‘Non-dual Orlando’ community awareness project in 2017 and founded the ‘Smiling Moon Sangha’ in 2018.  He has spoken in a wide range of settings, including New Age and New Thought churches, Zen Centers, Buddhist Temples, open spiritual communities, and on-line.


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